Lumpia Campesina in film festivals in 2018 and more in 2019!

May 2, 2019

That’s right! Lumpia Campesina, a revolutionary recipe from the Cooking Show has been made into a short film written and directed by Robert Karimi. 

Produced by Xylophone Films, ThePeoplesCook Project with assistance from Bastos Productions,
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Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
May 5th, 2019

CAAMFest, May 11th, 2019

Places we have presented it before:

Hawaii International Film Festival  Nov. 9th, 2018

and the

San Diego Asian American Film Festival. Nov. 14th, 2018

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A taste from our Charlotte Residency

Aug 29, 2018

Here’s a video from the 2015 Residency at the McColl Center. This gives you a sense what happen when The Peoples Cook project resides in a city for months and months.

It’s here! The 2nd Annual 40 days of Self Care Aug. 29 – Oct. 15, 2018

Jul 30, 2018

This year we are going to go 40+0 days. To ease in.

Remember: This is for my birthday, and this is for you. Instead of gifts, I am sending the intention, the desire, the hope that you take care your self (first!) for 40 days.

The reason: growing up with Muslim and Catholic parents, I grew up aware of Lent and Ramadan as part of my yearly rituals. I’d fast and hear stories about sacrifice and redemption. 40 days represented a time for reflection, but I thought, in my child’s mind, what about other religions? what do they do?

With the current imbalance of the universe, the eclipse, the Jimmy Hart school of politics, creates a reactive society. Everyone, of all political stripes, is tense!

I thought we need a time of reflection for everyone. A time to take care of ourselves. This is not praying to myself or yourself. This is about how to reflect, reduce the ego, risk joy and self-nourishment, and find ways to bring play in to your life.

It’s about taking care of myself before I can take of others. I invite you to do the same.

I have 40 days of activities for myself, some public, some private, some super personal. I will invite you to all the public one. Not to support me. For you. Come to celebrate you.

Take the time to take care of yourself. That’s the best gift you can give me.

These are all things I am doing. Not that you have to follow me, but they are suggestions. Send me pics of what you do, please.
Would love to know how you are.


The Peoples Cook hosts Viva La Poetry for Plus Poetry Festival

May 24, 2017



Mero Cocinero hosts Viva La Poetry, an afternoon of poetry, food, and good energy! Mero Cocinero will do his legendary cooking demonstration bringing joy and balance and political flair during the time of 45! and while he cooks, he will host 3 poets: from Houston Bayou City Slam Champion R.J. Wright, the illustrious and amazing Angela Olivia Guillory, and straight from San Francisco, appeared on Def Poetry Jam, and Revolutionario: North African Tacos favorite poet: Farid Karimi. The set starts at 4pm. The audience gets to create Energy they can eat after the poetry! Food! Poetry! Wow!


If you love to eat and laugh and think, come through! !…

Tell 5 friends! Tell your enemies. Tell The people you might be sleeping with or the people who friendzone you.


ThePeoplesCook Goes to The Smithsonian May 28 and 29th

May 26, 2016

That’s right. We are taking the LowRiderKitchenCart to the Smithsonian May 28th and May29th with Viva La Slow and Low, a interactive experience designed by Robert Karimi & ThePeoplesCook Project. Fun, joy, food, and chilling it out will be in order. Also special guests coming to cook and give the down low about issues of the day, giving us food for thought!


More info below:




About Viva La Slow & Low
by Robert Karimi & ThePeoplesCook Project

Viva La Slow and Low a trans-disciplinary installation/experience that honors low rider culture and cultural food memory as a metaphor to discuss how what we memorialize defines what nourishes us.

Central to the experience, The Low Rider Bicycle Kitchen Cart, designed by Robert Karimi for his ThePeoplesCook Project, as an homage to his hometown of Union City, CA, and was built so people could eat and cook together and dialogue with each other on important community issues. Karimi will serve food, prep with participants in the museum to slow down, connect to their roots, with each other, all in the service of community nourishment. We will have activities Saturday and Sunday to get people to chill, think, be together, remember their roots, and think about how their food and pace affects how they will vote in this year’s election.

Getting ready for the final performances in Florida June 1 and 2nd

May 26, 2016

That’s right we are getting ready for the final performances by the participants of ThePeoplesCook Project workshop.  It’s been an incredible 5 weeks, so much to say, so many good stories. The community here has been so supportive and there’s already talk of coming back. Here are some photos to whet your appetite for the fun!


Dream Cook Delcious Flyer - 13th Ave Dream Cook Delcious Flyer - PYC