Famed culinary icon Chef Stache interviews the legendary quixotic Iranian-Guatemalan cook, Mero Cocinero, who traces his love for a special Filipino dish by taking us back to the San Francisco Bay Area of his teenage years. At a birthday party of his junior high friend, Mero faces the alienation, awkwardness and isolation of being the only Iranian-Guatemalan at the party. While the DJ spins 80s dance hits, young Mero learns how to transform his alienation into a recipe for empowerment. Afterwards, local folk hero Tita Betty joins Mero to break down the recipe so the audience can make it themselves.

Lumpia Campesina is a cinematic interpretation of a comedy routine from Robert Karimi’s satirical comedy cooking show called The Cooking Show. This recipe then became an integral part of ThePeoplesCook Project: intergenerational cross-cultural dialogue about community nourishment through interactive storytelling and food experiences. Programming included pop-up restaurants, a live cooking show event, and workshops that taught basic cooking skills while participants exchanged ancestral recipes, food stories and food wisdom with each other. TPC has now served over 50000 people in the last 9 years.

The film contains a participatory component where audience members eat the dish during or after the movie screening.

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