Beginning work on Culinary Art Car in Sheboygan

Apr 25, 2014



I was in Sheboygan a few months ago, doing preliminary work for the Culinary Art Car project at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. The project is to build a culinary art car, and then activate it with the community as it becomes a symbol of community well-being.

Working with visual artist MacMaker, and JMKAC’s Andrea Avery, we made a lot of visits to folks that will be potential partners. It was super exciting. More details in the coming months.


  1. Mary Koczan
    November 1, 2014

    Hi Robert
    I’ve been checking the website for recipes that we made at Viva La Community but can’t find them (except for the adobo recipe). We’ve been raving about the experience with lots of friends and want to share the recipes too but I’m stuck! Please help.

    • The People
      November 10, 2014


      All the recipes have been updated. We apologize for any inconvenience. The website was beingklunky!!! Thank you for coming out and supporting ThePeoplesCook!!!!

      take care,


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