Day 29 – Reread. Reflect. Repeat.

Nov 16, 2012

 Look back at the 28 Days. Start again. Now that you know about it, empower yourself to do it all at once. Get friends. Family. Pseudo-Family. To join you.

The 28 Days has come to end, but it doesn’t have to end. I know I am going to have the time to look back, reflect on all the good energy received from the Cooking Comrades, the Community, and the crew at ThePeoplesCook, and really engage in the 28 Days again. (I’ll probably be off line, only coming online to share with you past experiences from the 28 days!)

Especially, with Tia Tencha’s circle. That’s right! All of this good energy can continue through simple acts. And being down with Water, Movement, and Moderation. Balance.

To keep it going, I saved one of my favorite songs, that puts Water, Movement, and Moderation together in one: You Make Me Feel Mighty Real by Sylvester: Play this song when you are cooking and eating together as a community or when you are making lunches for the week or nourishing yourself. From 28 to 365!

Viva your Soul Power,

Mero Cocinero