Day 28 – Nourish Yourself

Nov 15, 2012

 Today YOU think of something to do that nourishes you.

Nourishment is about raising, forming, developing a person through sustenance. What is that sustenance? And how can you always be about nourishment for the rest of your life.

Start today. It  can be something you didn’t do in the 28 days, or bust out something that you know fulfills you but you keep putting off, like that guitar or those little figurines you have in a box that you like to play house with. Walk somewhere new. Ask your loved one a question you’ve never asked them before. Check out a new restaurant or art gallery. Start eating like Tia Tencha, follow the Circle. If we give the day that little bit of extra energy that it takes to do something slightly different or slightly out of the ordinary.

And if you have time, celebrate with us at the Party for the People at the Icehouse. It’s just the People getting together, hanging out, eating, drinking, celebrating the end of the 28 days together. Hopefully, you have made good energy a habit. And Nourishing yourself with Water, Movement, and Moderation as a cornerstone.

We know we’ve changed during these 28 days. Hope you have, too. Celebrate!! Nourish! 28 days can be 365!

Bollywood songs nourish me sometimes, as do really good food and company. I leave you on the 28th day with one of my favorite songs by the nourishing Asha Bhosele and R.D. Burman. To be down with The Movement, Dance with them!