Day 27 – Remember Paul Wellstone

Nov 14, 2012

 It’s world Diabetes day. Here at ThePeoplesCook we’d like you to participate in this day of awareness by remembering Paul Wellstone. No. He did not have diabetes. But he was famous for saying “We all do better when we all do better”.

If this is so, could it be true that by eating well and taking care of your own health, you are increasing the health and well being of your brothers and sisters and non-gender-specific members of the community with diabetes?

If this is so, eating that salad  and taking that walk isn’t just for you, it’s for the good of your family, your community, maybe even your nation. So think about helping people today by picking an activity for yourself involving movement, water, or moderation (eat following Tia Tencha or the VSP Circle).

Today we’re going to also honor workers today. It’s our Viva La Worker, and what better day to honor workers than on World Diabetes Day. If you don’t honor your body, the workers, yourself, and others in the community, how else will you get good energy?