Letters To Our Grandchildren (LTOG) is part of ThePeoplesCook commitment to honor Elder Food Wisdom and is an intentional effort to engage Hmong elders in not only theater activities and techniques but also an opportunity to tell their own stories in final live performances in private homes and public venues. We are partnering with the Hmong Elder Center to work with their clients.  In talking with Ilean Her, the Hmong Elder Center director, as well as one of the elders who attend the center, we learned that Hmong elders are not only hungry  to learn engage in activities and tell their stories; they want to share their knowledge of traditional Hmong arts and crafts, such as paj ntaub, Hmong embroidery. Robert Karimi of TPC will partner with May Lee-Yang of Lazy Hmong Woman Productions (LHWP); they will serve as lead artists, facilitate the experience and co-direct the final performance. Joua Lee, filmmaker, will document the process and stories of the elders and edit a 10 min. documentary which will be shown during the performances.