Thank you for a great 2014, we look forward to 2015!!

Dec 17, 2014

IMG_3576 LTOG for PRess - 1 IMG_4635 IMG_4304

From everyone here at ThePeoplesCook project, and all the folks at  Kaotic Good Productions we want to thank you for a wonderful year. We served almost 10,000 people in 5 cities, and we’re getting ready for our next adventure in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’ll be placing a year in review and updates about the upcoming work, soon.

Meanwhile, check out : TravelCook

to see where artistic director Robert Karimi’s next adventure is, was, is, was, is…whoosh!

Watch the Letters to Our Grandchildren video

Dec 12, 2014

Produced by ThePeoplesCook with Lazy Hmong Woman Productions and directed by Joua Lee, check out the new video documenting the Letters to Our Grandchildren project. See it here, or go to the vimeo page:

for more information on the 2014 project, go the Wisdom page.

Keeb Kwm/Stories of Our Life Runs September 17 -30th

Sep 16, 2014

LTOG for PRess - 1 LTOG Rehearsal 2 LTOG Rehearsal 3The PeoplesCook in partnership with Lazy Hmong Woman Productions is proud to present another food wisdom project that’s part of our series of interactive experiences getting folks to reconnect to cultural stories and recipes. We have been working with elders in the Latino, African American and Asian communities for years, so ThePeoplesCook is being more intentional in creating projects where elders can share food and cultural wisdom in their own terms. Our project in St. Paul,  Artistic Director Robert Karimi has partnered with artist May Lee-Yang to create Keeb Kwm/Stories of our Life, a performance by Hmong elders sharing their stories of their experiences.

Keeb Kwm is part of the  Letters to Our Grandchildren project which engages Hmong elders in sharing their experiences through food, theater, and storytelling to give voice to the gifts they want to leave to the next generation. As Yang and Karimi point out, “When we first started on this adventure, we told the elders, “We want to create a space where you can tell your own stories.””

Working with Hmong Elders for over 6 months, theater makers and lead artists May Lee-Yang and Robert Karimi led Hmong elders from the Hmong Elders Center through a variety of theater games, physical exercises, and food storytelling experiences to get participants to create an original theater performance.

Here are the dates:

At the Hmong Elder Center
1337 Rice St., St. Paul, 55117

Sept. 17th and Sept. 30th at 1pm (RSVP required)


at the Arlington Hills Library
1200 Payne Ave., St. Paul, MN 55130
Sept. 18 at 7:00P (Public)


at the Hmong Elder Center
1337 Rice St., St. Paul, 55117
Sept. 23rd at 7:00P (Public)


on Hmong FM – KFAI  90.3 (Minneapolis)/106.7 (St. Paul)
Sept. 26th 6:30-7:30 



All performances are free.

Please call 336-612-3663 to reserve for all Performances.


Call 336-612-3663 for more information or email us at

August 30th – Holding Court part of the 2014 Holding Court Counter Revolutionaria Residency

Aug 24, 2014

Holding Court-a gathering of tastes and

Working with Ellen Chang from amazing Oakland restuarant FuseBOX, Robert Karimi will perform a new work entitled Viva La Lunchbox: From what is missing, we find abundance/ our hands up, we make force fields, Karimi will weave poetry, smacktalking, D&D dungeonmastering and food to talk about remembering the power of those have touched our lives nourishes us. This is the final installment of FuseBOX’s and ThePeoplesCook collaboration and homecoming for Karimi, who will celebrate his birthday at the restaurant all night.

go to FuseBOX site for more details: click here


Aug 23, 2014

This is amazing!!!

Beginning work on Culinary Art Car in Sheboygan

Apr 25, 2014



I was in Sheboygan a few months ago, doing preliminary work for the Culinary Art Car project at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. The project is to build a culinary art car, and then activate it with the community as it becomes a symbol of community well-being.

Working with visual artist MacMaker, and JMKAC’s Andrea Avery, we made a lot of visits to folks that will be potential partners. It was super exciting. More details in the coming months.

Guess Who’s Going to Visit Betty Crocker?

Mar 7, 2014


A long time ago, my mom gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook. I never understood why. It was as if this was my passport to “America”: the place that represented the manifest destiny for immigrants in the United States. The Betty Crocker cookbook was my survival kit.

Every recipe tested by Betty. Who was Betty? In the 70s I thought Rosalind Carter was Betty. In the 80s 90s maybe it was Mrs. Bush. She was the ultimate white woman who would make sure the other white people wouldn’t be mean, no one would be micro– aggressively handling you, she would even save you from racist cops mistreating you. Betty was the ultimate white liberal savior that would save you from making that faux pas at the kitchen table and beyond.

I don’t know if that was General Mills’ plan. But Betty would just whisper: “My dear, make these recipes, learn these tricks and everything’s going to be okay.”

Today, I’m going to the home of Betty Crocker. I wonder if she is going to be there waiting for me. If she’s going to have more tips. Maybe she can has a recipe to deal with injustice or heartbreak or what to do when you are trying to bring people together, maybe there’s a new book. I hope she remembers the little teenager who read her pages religiously – hers was the first manual I had to learn to understand the United States.

This is not a glorious nostalgic memory. Betty’s recipes not the tastiest, or the spiciest. They didn’t replace grandmas’. But, they didn’t taste like… Mom’s. Wait, a minute, they did. What’s going on here? Betty! Betty! Betty? I have some questions!

We fed San José with LoveFoodLove

Mar 5, 2014

IMG_5358 IMG_5386 IMG_0438

Thank you San José for a wonderful residency!



We came to your community to see if we could actually get the community to make love through cooking and eating together, and we did it!! That’s right! We created the energy of love that nourishes all communities with workshops, demonstrations in high schools, and remixed black panther breakfast party for valentines day to connect us all to the idea that love is the most revolutionary act, and nothing says valentines day like the black panther free breakfast back in the day in san leandro, califas!

We are received lots of press, click here, and here, and here (in Spanish).

And if you are looking for the recipes –> they should be on the right hand side of the screen,===>>

if not, go to resources!

LowRider Kitchen Cart – CounterRevolutionaria – must leave SJ 4.20

Mar 4, 2014



If you haven’t seen it live, the LowRider Kitchen Cart: CounterRevolutionaria, created by ThePeoplesCook Robert Karimi is on display at the San José Museum of Art until April 20th, where it will head out to parts unknown.

The Cart was created by Karimi after going to South America and Asia in 2013. He was commissioned by the Museum to create the cart for a performance, and Karimi wanted something that would go with ThePeoplesCook mission – to get people to cook and eat together, so he worked with VisionScenery’s Fernando Lau to create a bike that people can cook on, and that will aid anybody trying to cook together as a community with feeding the People. All they have to do is call Mero Cocinero and the ThePeoplesCook crew to come out and save the day.

Check this cart out live before it takes off to the next Raider tailgate party or down the streets of San Antonio during Easter cooking barbacoa or soy chorizo tacos with the People.

Gratitude, gratitude for our comrades worldwide!

Dec 19, 2013

Chilling with the Captains - Photo Rocio from CCAP Chicago

Thank you; thank you!! to the 160 comrades who donated to our campaign for Viva La Soul Power in Chicago. Your support and all the good energy worldwide made it one of the most successful residencies in ThePeoplesCook histories. More stories, photos, and videos to come. Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all our comrades.