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The Peoples Cook Project unites cross-cultural cooking & interdisciplinary art to promote well-being.

Based in the Twin Cities, we make healthy messaging delicious in diverse communities globally. We believe stories nourish and create projects whereby participants’ stories, recipes, and cultures are the focus of artistic nourishment.

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Viva la Food! PopUp Performance Restaurants

that delight diners with an interactive art installation as they cook & eat a full dinner together.


The Cooking Show con Karimi & Comrades

a PBS-style cooking show featuring live cooking onstage and samples for the audience. Each episode is tailored to the community to address current issues.

Public Events

that feed samples & expose issues to the masses.

Cook, Eat, Nourish Together Workshops

where participants learn practical cooking skills while telling cultural stories. We’ve taught students ages 7 – 70.

Open Kitchen Community Potlucks 

that invite audience members to share culture & stories at a curated, themed potluck event.


that reach viewers
beyond our touring scope.

Online Recipe Collection

which allows us to share what we’ve learned from comrades across the nation.

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The Peoples Cook is home to comrades worldwide!

Mero Cocinero Karimi

revolutionary cook 
San Francisco, CA (and a man of the world)

Karimi is so revolutionary you’ll feel the room spin when he’s around. But in a feel-good, fun, amusement-park-type way. With snacks.


Brontosaurus Lunch Lady

edible plant expert
St. Paul, MN

Brontosaurus Lunch Lady is named after the original plant-eaters. She is most comfortable with 5-year-olds, and has a habit of playing with her food before eating it.


St. Paul, MN

KMax loves ladders, mast o khiar, and electricity. One day she will illuminate the whole world! But for now she’ll stick with us.


Sarah Guerra

production magician
Oakland, CA

Despite her name, Comrade Guerra is a lover, not a fighter. She is magical with lists, organizing refrigerators, and knows all the grocery hotspots.


Mahdis Keshavarz

PR consultant

Bi-coastal, tri-lingual, and multi-talented, Comrade Keshavarz shares our message with the people.

Adriel ‘DRZZL’ Luis

revolutionary WebComrade
New York City, NY

Comrade Drzzl makes our virtual world go round. Or square. Actually, he doesn’t like to be put in boxes of any shape. His motto: ‘Creativity will save the world, so I create.’

Comrade Gusto

hydration expert
Minneapolis, MN

After doing 2 tours in the ‘Stan Comrade Gusto knows everything there is to know about hydration. His advice? Pee pale & you’ll survive the desert.


Ellen Sebastian Chang

creative force 
Oakland, CA

With wit, joy, and plenty of Energy, Comrade Sebastian Chang helps birth experiences that are simply delicious & revolutionary. She counsels Mero to make sure the stone is in the soup.


SunHui Chang

culinary consultant
Oakland, CA

Procurer of all that is pickled, master of the broth, keeper of the secret recipes, co-owner of Fusebox in West Oakland, Comrade Chang whispers ingredients into Mero’s ear.

Avril Greenberg

plate balancer
Chicago, IL

Formerly a proletariat-award-winning french-fry & hotdog slinger, Comrade Greenberg now counsels the masses on balancing their starch & protein with vegetables.

Laurie Carlos

St. Paul, MN

Comrade Carlos, a legendary Firestarter whose wisdom is abundantly shared in the community, sparks where there is no fire, and reminds us all to feed ourselves

DJ D Double

official bandleader
Las Vegas, NV

DJ D Double knows how to get the crowd moving. He throws a mean block party, and if you don’t watch out he might spin you out into the universe.