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The Peoples Cook invites audiences to feed & be fed. We encourage participants to take an active role in an exchange of food, stories & recipes, reconnecting culture and art.

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Keeb Kwm/Stories of Our Life Runs September 17 -30th

Sep 16, 2014

The PeoplesCook in partnership with Lazy Hmong Woman Productions is proud to present another food wisdom project that’s part of our series of interactive experiences getting folks to reconnect to cultural stories and recipes. We have been working with elders in the Latino, African American and Asian communities for years, so ThePeoplesCook is being more […]

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August 30th – Holding Court part of the 2013 Holding Court Counter Revolutionaria Residency

Aug 24, 2014

Working with Ellen Chang from amazing Oakland restuarant FuseBOX, Robert Karimi will perform a new work entitled Viva La Lunchbox: From what is missing, we find abundance/ our hands up, we make force fields, Karimi will weave poetry, smacktalking, D&D dungeonmastering and food to talk about remembering the power of those have touched our lives nourishes us. This is the […]

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Beginning work on Culinary Art Car in Sheboygan

Apr 25, 2014

  I was in Sheboygan a few months ago, doing preliminary work for the Culinary Art Car project at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. The project is to build a culinary art car, and then activate it with the community as it becomes a symbol of community well-being. Working with visual artist MacMaker, and […]

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